Personal Growth Workshops

Ready to grow your emotional skills and get the best out of relationships? There is so much to learn, and so many ways to improve quality of life for yourself and your loved ones. Enrich yourself with new skills.

Every change starts with new learnings. As social beings, learning and interacting as part of a group is proven to be stimulating and memorable.

Join one of our workshops focused on contemporary paradigms and life-skills as educational and self-enhancement tools.

Workshops Details

Each workshop will consist of 2 meetings, 90 minutes each.
Who should attend? Adults whose life, or the life of a family member/friend can benefit from deeper insight on these topics. Number of attendees: 4-10
Cost: $400 per person, 25% discount for a second family member participant

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Please contact us to let us know if you are interested in joining one of these workshops, so we can notify you about new dates.
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OCD – Causes, Characteristics and Treatment

OCD is a complicated debilitating condition that affects the patient, the family and their functionality. This workshop will help you understand the roots of OCD, proven methods to treat OCD, and how relatives and friends can stop being part of the problem. Discover ways of breaking the vicious cycle of the patient’s compulsive behavior and instead becoming involved in effective ways assisting to reach recovery.

Motivational Interviewing – an Effective Tool to Facilitate Change

If you realized that convincing or forcing someone to change often fails, join this workshop. Motivational Interviewing is a powerful skill based on Miller and Rollnick’s important paradigm. This workshop will expose you to new ways of effectively and respectfully facilitating a change process by a partner, child, parent, student, or client, embarking on a self-motivated change process, in many fronts of life. 

Acquiring and Using Assertive Communication Skills

Learn how to be authentic in communicating with others. Discover the difference between assertiveness and aggression, the difference between being kind and being a peoples’ pleasure. Using assertive skills is proven to promote personal growth and is key in treating and preventing depression, anxiety and anger issues.u

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