is there a cure for my Anxiety?

Yes!  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a proven, evidence-based, focused and effective method that helps overcome OCD, anxiety, depression and more. Now available in Madison WI.

Anxiety & Depression treatment

If you feel overwhelmed with anxiety or depression, there is evidence-based effective treatment within reach.

OCD treatment

Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors are not fate's decree. Call today to liberate yourself and win the freedom that you deserve.

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psychotherapy for Better quality of life

Low self-esteem, perfectionism, procrastination, couples' issues, guilt feelings - are caused by mal-adaptive learning. With cognitive therapy, they can be relearned and changed.

It's time for a change

There is no better time than the present; now is when your future starts. If you feel the time is right for you to take the plunge, give us a call. We can win this together.

Defeating Anxiety

Anxiety-free life is within reach. Join millions who were cured from Anxiety by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Overcoming OCD

Learn strategies to reduce your rituals, avoidance, and overwhelming fears. Our evidence-based therapies for OCD can set you free.

Beating Depression

Worthlessness, shame, hopelessness and helplessness all stem from negative thoughts. Depression has a solution, and the results can be mind blowing.

success stories

Read about those who found their courage and defeated their fears. 

I first had the privilege of meeting Noam when I was seen for my OCD. It was my first therapy session in a professional setting, and he made me feel at ease given his calm and caring nature. Over the course of my treatment Noam made me feel empowered and helped me take my life back. I will forever be gracious of him for restoring my broken life due to OCD, and drastically improving my quality of life.
S. A.

I was severely anxious and depressed amid an ongoing crisis. I was separated from my kids and family, feeling the pain in my heart every day. I have seen different therapists before Noam, and no one was able to give me relief for more than 30 minutes. Coming from a different culture gives Noam an extraordinary vision and awareness of the world around him. With all the incredible skills and astonishing expertise in CBT, Noam taught me how to manage my feelings through thoughts. When I left his office, I didn’t only feel relieved, but I also learned and gained so many new skills to overcome my problems. Today I am saying “Thank you” with all my heart. Thank you, Noam!
S. Y.

Noam helped my son with his severe bug phobia. Within 2 sessions, my son was actually handling a bug. I was brought to tears. my son was able to play outside with his friends all summer – which his phobia had previously prevented. Now, many years later my son is still phobia free and doing well! 
C. Johnston

I first met Noam when I brought my son in for treatment for his OCD. He not only helped my son but our whole family. He is completely non judgmental and a wonderful listener. We both felt  comfortable speaking with him. I can never adequately express my gratitude towards Noam.
K. A. 

When I first started therapy with Noam, I was experiencing extreme anxiety, panic attacks, depression, avoidance, and engaged in self-harm and was suicidal. Noam was patient, supportive and was able to establish a trusting relationship with me and gain my trust. He was the first professional to acknowledge I had suffered from Post-trauma and was not afraid to address it, challenging me with exposure techniques, believing I had the courage to face my fears head-on. Noam exceeded my expectations. My anxiety is now under control, I am no longer suicidal, the nightmares are all gone, the self-harm has ceased, and I feel free to live the life I want and deserve. With his guidance and care, I relearned how to observe my thoughts and control my responses to them,I learned positive coping skills and most importantly thru these lessons I learned to believe in myself again.
B. B.

Anxiety and panic attacks have been a recurring struggle for me for most of my life. In spite of working with a number of therapists over the years, my attempts at managing these struggles were largely unsuccessful. I learned of Noam Gordon from a friend who highly recommended him due to his record of effectively and efficiently assisting people in overcoming their anxiety. From my first interaction, I was extraordinarily impressed by both his skills and his demeanor. Noam possesses a unique combination of genuine warmth, honesty, and humor along with exceptional therapeutic expertise and professionalism. During our sessions, I felt more like a student receiving tutoring from a competent and supportive teacher than I did “patient“ receiving “treatment”. I appreciated Noam’s way of focusing on my achieving practical results right from the beginning. He once said to me “Why spend 7 sessions to accomplish what you can in 2”? His positive energy is contagious, and the practical techniques I learned from him helped me in a relatively short time to conquer fears which had plagued me for decades.
A. K.


As of June 1st 2022, NoamClinic relocated to Israel. We are currently accepting new US-based clients for CBT therapy via Telehealth only, self-pay only. Telehealth and in-person CBT therapy services are available for Israeli clients. Please contact us to learn about available therapy options.

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